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By now you've almost certainly read about and seen LeBron James' vicious knockout dunk on an unsuspecting high school basketball camper over at Prep Rally's brotherly NBA blog, Ball Don't Lie (you can also see it below again, if you wish). Well, now we know who the victim was: 17-year-old Evan Mahone of Troy (Mich.) High School.

Troy point guard Evan Mahone

As it turns out, Mahone's psyche couldn't have been too bruised by LeBron's thunder slam in which he was hardly more than a basketball prop. Within hours, he was already bragging about it on Facebook (Prep Rally found it with the help of a friend of the blog Joe Davis of ScoutsFocus). Of course, part of the reason for his relative joy about the entire episode may have been the fact that he received the Heat superstar's shoes -- complete with LeBron autograph -- after the knockout game concluded.

Here's what Mahone wrote on his Facebook wall at approximately 9:30 on Thursday night:

Got dunked on by Lebron :( but he gave me his shoes so its alll good broo ;)

Yet Mahone's good luck and fabulous footwear doesn't stop with LeBron's tribute donation. In an unconnected incident earlier in the day, the rising high school senior was also given a pair of autographed Chris Paul sneakers, which were worn in the 2011 playoffs. It was another episode he proudly chronicled on his Facebook wall.
It seems unlikely that Mahone, who is the starting point guard of the Troy Colts, will ever wear either pair in a game himself. After all, those kicks are probably worth more on eBay than the $600 he paid for admission to the Nothing But Net boys basketball camp at which the LeBron dunk incident took place.

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Still, it's nice to know that he received a valuable keepsake to remember what is sure to be a significant incident in his young basketball career, just as it may be reassuring to know that LeBron was willing to reach out to a young player whom he had victimized with a slam that he never could have stopped.

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