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On Oct. 27, Prep Rally brought you the story of former Syracuse All-American and NFL journeyman Tim Green, who was accused of illegally recruiting players in his current job as head football coach of Skaneateles (N.Y.) High. There has been a significant update in Green's case: He is now the former coach of Skaneateles High.

Skaneateles football coach Tim Green

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Green resigned in the midst of an ongoing court battle to keep the team's current undefeated record and playoff eligibility intact. The coach reportedly resigned within hours of a judge's decision to deny the Skaneateles district's injunction which would have halted a season-ending penalty imposed on the program by the New York Public High School Athletic Association's Section III board.

Former NFL linebacker Tim Green, then of the Atlanta Falcons

The Post-Standard reported that Skaneateles is expected to appeal the punishment in light of Green's resignation as soon as Wednesday evening in an attempt to keep the program's current playoff run going. The team has an 11 a.m. Saturday scheduled kickoff in the Class C sectional championship game against Herkimer (N.Y.) High after recording a 46-27 first round victory against Notre Dame (N.Y.) High.

Green's son, Troy, is the star quarterback for the current Skaneateles team, which outscored its opponents by an average of 38 points per game in its undefeated season.

The punishment being handed down is a uniquely harsh one in NYPHSAA history. According to the Post-Standard, the season-ending ban -- which would also strip Skaneateles of all nine of its 2011 victories -- is believed to be the first for player recruitment in the state's history.

Now, Green will have to live with that stain on an otherwise remarkable career in which he's proven a bit of a renaissance man, equally adept at the law (he holds a law degree and is a practicing lawyer), television commentary (he is a former CBS commentator for NFL games) and football coaching, not to mention his notable career on the field himself.

That's a shame, both for Green and the team he is leaving behind and the legacy it will have to reconsider in light of the now-former coach's alleged transgressions.

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