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Austin Rivers is the nation's top basketball recruit, and an outspoken one, at that. While the tribute he paid to his father in this week's Powerade Jam Fest slam dunk contest wasn't the most original one ever conceived, it was still a classy touch nonetheless.

As you can see above, Rivers donned his father Doc Rivers' retro jersey before throwing down a picture perfect windmill dunk at the Jam Fest, eliciting oohs and ahhs from a crowd which was more excited for his arrival than any other player's.

The Duke-bound senior didn't win the event, but he probably did leave us with it's most lasting memory. Funny how the retro jersey being revealed almost always seems to work that way in slam dunk contests, isn't it?

Of course, just as he left a positive lasting legacy with his dunk homage, Rivers left something else with his brief foray into rap, as our amigos over at The Dagger pointed out earlier this week. Any time a rap draws comparisons to a Theo Cosby exploit, it's probably not going to be labeled as "fresh."

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