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One of the great, often underrated things about high school sports are the announcers who call games on local television and radio stations. Unlike announcers for pro and major college sports (with the exception of Georgia legend Larry Munson), the allegiances of professional play-by-play men are subtle. That's hardly the case with high school announcers, as the following clip demonstrates better than any we've ever seen.

Video courtesy of Matt Baker of the Batesville Daily Guard and GuardOnline.

Given the fact that Batesville (Ark.) High trailed Wynne (Ark.) High 13-10 before the fumble, with less a minute remaining, it's understandable that the Batesville Pioneer announcers would be excited with Matthew Showalter's touchdown. That being said, the play-by-play man reacts as if he's just won the lottery. In fact, he sounds like he's more excited than if he had just won the lottery.

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There are so many other terrific aspects of this clip to dissect, it's almost hard to know where to start. First, we want to officially second an earlier nomination from NBC Sports' Out of Bounds blog that "AND THERE AIN'T ... NO ... FLAGS!" become the new "Boom goes the dynamite." It's also worth noting that, somehow, inexplicably, the scoreline on the top of the TV screen changes from "Pioneers 10 - 13 Yellowjackets" to "Pioneers 14 - 13 Yellowjackets" after the Showalter touchdown. The last time we checked, a touchdown was still worth six points.

Also, the firework explosion "TOUCHDOWN" graphic that scrolls across the screen was a nice, understated touch, wasn't it?

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All those shortcomings aside, is it possible to not love these guys? This has to be one of the calls of the year, and it really brings home the best part of high school sports: the passion. After all, it has to bring home some kind of positive message ... considering that scoreline isn't emphasizing a strong foundation in fundamental math.

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