Highlights from Colts WR Adonai Mitchell’s minicamp media availability

Prior to the Indianapolis Colts’ first minicamp practice on Tuesday, wide receiver Adonai Mitchell met with reporters.

Here are the highlights from that conversation. To see the full interview, click here.

– Mitchell says the biggest learning curve for him so far has been the competition and speed. “This is the league of the best, so everybody is good; everybody got something to them.”

– “I just feel like I’m living my dream,” said Mitchell about his early experience with the Colts. “I enjoy what I do.”

– Mitchell has been putting in additional time on the Jugs machine and working on releases with defensive backs after practice. “Just wanting to get better. Just wanting to be the best me I can be.” Mitchell adds that he’s always trying to stay a step ahead.

– Mitchell on Anthony Richardson: “Man, that dude a freak, I’ll tell you that. He like a created player. He like one of the players that can legit do anything on the field.”

– Mitchell says that the chemistry that is built with Richardson when a play breaks down and a scramble drill ensues is created naturally. “Just always staying open. Just always staying ready.”

– Mitchell on Reggie Wayne: “That’s my dog. Y’all don’t understand. He definitely going to spit it real to you, whether you like it or not. He giong to keep it all the way 100, for real. Very authentic. Just asking questions, I try to ask him as many questions as I can. I know I be annoying or something. I definitely try to ask him as many questions as I can because it’s not every day you get to ask people that have done and been where you trying to go questions like that.”

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire