High schooler taken aback by older sister’s ‘unfair’ academic request

A high school senior is refusing to do their sister's college assignments. They shared the dilemma on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. The senior is an above-average student with a high- grade point average. Their sister, on the other hand, is struggling to excel during her sophomore year of college. The Reddit poster's mother began forcing them to do their sister's homework. "My mom tells me I have to help her because she buys me stuff (which she rarely does, it's usually only food anyways)," the Reddit poster said. "If I don't help, she will take away my phone, pc, etc. [She] always say something along the line of, 'you are a lazy piece of s***, helping her out is the least you can do'" . "I've written her essays, done discussion posts, etc [...] she specifically picked courses she knew I was knowledgeable in so I could do her assignments" . Reddit users thought the mom was unreasonable. "This is an unfair request," one person said. "She has to do her own homework," another wrote. "It's academic fraud," a user commented