High school student delivers good John Wall zing after Wall wins 1-on-1 game at Reebok camp (VIDEO)

"My man read the scouting report: Let John Wall shoot." — a young participant who is clearly aware that the Washington Wizards point guard shot 32.1 percent or worse from every area of the floor further away than "at the rim" last year, including a 7.1 percent (not a typo) mark from 3-point range.

The advance-scouting joke came at the Reebok Breakout Challenge in Philadelphia back in July after Wall (ahem) "shut up" Tyrek Coger, a 6-foot-8-inch, 240-pound member of the high school class of 2013 in a one-on-one game at the showcase camp. If you didn't think there was a ton of "shutting up" there, remember: those sneakers that Wall refused to tie probably contributed to a couple of those janky jumpers.

Now, if you'd really like to see Wall putting on a show at the challenge, you can hit Bullets Forever. Me, I think I'll wait to see if Wall can't put on a show in Philly against non-17-year-olds Andrew Bynum, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner in a couple of months, thanks.

(The lefty dunk at the end was kind of cool, though.)

Video via NOC.

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