High school girls basketball Top of the Crop for Jan. 29

Jan. 29—1: (1) Brush 16-3

2: (2) Gilmour 11-4

3: (3) Richmond Heights 10-3

4: (4) Mentor 12-6

5: (7) Riverside 10-6

6: (5) Geneva 13-3

7: (6) Madison 15-2

8: (8) Mayfield 9-6

9: (9) Chagrin Falls 12-5

10: (10) Perry 10-6

Watch list: Cornerstone 12-6, Beaumont 14-3, Chardon 8-6

Crop comments: Not a lot of big movement in the Crop this week, as we're pretty comfortable with the top 10 — just a few minor adjustments. ... Brush stays at No. 1 despite a loss to Laurel. Would anyone fare better than 68-59? No. ... Gilmour stays at No. 2. The 11-4 Lancers have won four in a row, including a win over No. 3 Richmond Heights. Their strength of schedule is very high. ... Richmond Heights stays at No. 3. The Spartans have No. 4 Mentor nipping at their heels, but we'll stay with Sparty this week. The Cardinals are 12-6 and 8-1 outside of conference play. The GCC is tough and unforgiving. ... The first big move this week is Riverside jumping up from No. 7 to No. 5, leapfrogging Geneva and Madison. Unfair? Possibly. But the Beavers have won seven in a row and their strength of schedule trumps those they just passed. They don't play either Geneva or Madison, so it's pretty much eye test at this point. ... Geneva lost to Edgewood and beat Harvey this past week. They will be heavily favored against Conneaut and Lakeside this week. ... Madison has won four in a row since a road loss to Geneva. They'll be favored against Jefferson and Conneaut, but that game against undefeated Edgewood looms large next week. .. Mayfield stays at No. 8 despite a loss to Riverside. Chagrin Falls stays at No. 9 and has a biggie this week against No. 3 Richmond Heights. ... Perry stays at No. 10 despite losing 3 of its last 4. Cornerstone, Beaumont and Chardon are knocking on the Crop door.