High School Freshman Joe Peña Squats 700 Pounds

Joe Pena
Joe Pena

There's strong, there's strong and then there's Joseph Peña STRONG. The 15-year-old freshman from Holy Cross High School in San Antonio, Texas, recently powered through a monstrous 700-pound Squat at the Texas State Championships in San Antonio. The lift set a new American record in his division. Peña also plays center on the Holy Cross football team, where he is a three-time FBU All-American.

Peña uses Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Program. His other lifts include a 308-pound Bench Press and a 507-pound Deadlift, all done at a body weight of approximately 300 pounds.

Check out the video above of Peña and his lift.

(Photo courtesy of Holy Cross of San Antonio School)

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