Hey everyone, it's Eric Freeman

Hello, new friends. As you can see from the byline, I’m the latest addition to Team BDL. My name is Eric Freeman. I live in San Francisco and currently have a cough.

I’ve been a part of the basketball blogoworld for almost 3 1/2 years. Most of my time has been spent at FreeDarko, where I’ve written on everything from dinosaurs to NBA Jam. I also contributed to the site’s newly published "Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History," which you may have seen mentioned on this fair blog before. Up until mid-August, I was also the lead writer at SportingNews.com’s now-defunct The Baseline. Once upon a time, I even wrote for FanHouse under the pseudonym “Ty Keenan.” So I’ve been around the cyber block.

Even so, you probably still want to know my biases before we get this going. Let’s be honest: All writers have them -- even if they say they don’t -- and it’s best if we get everything on the table early. For instance, I’m a Warriors fan, so you don’t have to worry about my playing favorites come playoff time.

There’s a lot more, though. I’m a huge fan of the Lakers and Celtics. You can bet that when I give one team credit I’m damning the other, and vice-versa. The same goes for Kobe Bryant(notes) and LeBron James(notes). Count the rings! Except if you’re the Chosen One!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. I love basketball, particularly when it unleashes all its bizarre fury. I’m interested in every crossover between the sport and other parts of the domestic and international world. I think Ron Artest’s(notes) post-championship interviews are among the best moments in league history. All my favorite players in history are small guards who can’t shoot, like Rajon Rondo(notes), because they have to attack the rim at every opportunity. This is where cra-mazing happens, and that’s what the NBA is all about.

I cannot wait to embark upon our journey together. It will be full of zings, wonder, and maybe even a few tears. You never know with the emotional rollercoaster we call the NBA.

But hey, enough of my yakkin'. Whaddaya say? Let's boogie!

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