Hey Andre Miller, can Denver win 57 games again? ‘Naw, you know that ain’t gonna happen again’ (Video)

Three and a half months ago the Denver Nuggets were the NBA’s giant in waiting, well on their way toward 57 wins and a chance to unleash 10-man hell on the Western Conference playoff bracket. This was before Danilo Gallinari tore up his knee, though, and Kenneth Faried sprained his ankle. Before George Karl and Masai Ujiri – the 2012-13 Coach and Executive of the Year – parted ways with the team. Before the team lost in the first round to the Golden State Warriors, a victorious squad that would somehow find enough cap space to sign the team’s best player, Andre Iguodala, to a massive free agent contract.

Veteran Nugget guard Andre Miller can’t be having fun watching it all go to ruin. Which is probably what inspired this blunt reply, at the 4:15 mark of this video, to Rick Fox’s musings about if 57 wins was “still out there for you guys?”


For those that didn’t want to watch? Miller responds with “naw, you know that ain't gonna happen again.”

Super-harsh, but quite accurate. The Nuggets are attempting to rebuild on the fly while retaining Miller and hiring highly-regarded coach Brian Shaw, pictured above with Miller at the Las Vegas Summer League, but tying the franchise record for wins in a season is just not … well, it’s not going to happen again. At least not in 2013-14.