Hey, watch a man jump off a trampoline and backflip off the backboard to dunk a basketball (Video)

Over the years, the increased popularity of trampoline-aided dunks as in-game entertainment provided by mascots and dunk teams has resulted in some pretty fantastic acrobatic feats, but I'm pretty sure that, as of this morning, I had never seen somebody backflip off a backboard and throw one down.

As of this afternoon, that statement is no longer true.

That, friends, was Botond Dajka of the Budapest, Hungary-based dunk show team Lords of Gravity, getting very amped during a recent NBA 3X streetball event in Bilbao, Spain. I am very, very glad that he stuck the landing.

Now, I know what you're all thinking: Yes, Dajka did travel. But considering this happened outside the confines of an official game, and that he also used a trampoline and put his feet on both the rim and the top of the backboard, I think we can let those extra steps slide.

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Dan Devine

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