Here's why TikTok users are obsessed with throwing pens at cups

TikTokers are using the "pen in cup" challenge to see where life is going to take them. But in typical TikTok fashion, irony has prevailed, and people aren't exactly using the challenge as it was intended. In the trend, people state something they should or want to do, then throw a pen into a cup from a short distance. If it lands inside, they are going to do it. If it doesn't land inside, it's not in the stars. TikTokers like @2goodmarshall purposefully missed so they could shirk their responsibilities. "Should I go workout? Should I eat healthily?" he asked as he tossed the pens in the furthest direction from the cup. TikToker Andy Lalwani did the challenge with his boyfriend. The two dared each other with every pen toss. "If I get this in we're watching horror movies this weekend," Lalwani said. "If I get this in you have to make the bed every day next weekend," his boyfriend said. They both were unable to get any pens in the cup