Here's how to do TikTok's chopping dance, which users perform while they answer questions

A dance trend is taking over TikTok and people are using it to answer invasive questions. Known as the "Chopping Dance" or "Vũ Điệu Chặt Thịt" by its Vietnamese creator @themanhngo_, the challenge is a series of deceptively simple hand movements. It's become super popular with 1.8 million using the "Chopping Dance" sound. But people aren't just trying to recreate the routine, they're using it to get a little personal. The movements in most videos include crossing one fist over the other twice, fist-bumping five times, clapping the hands and then throwing up two peace signs. In the meme, users do the "Chopping Dance" while answering prying questions they often get while they complete the movements. "Questions I get asked as a young stepmom," @camille_munday said. "What do my step kids call me? Do I get along with their mom? Do I discipline them?" were the inquiries she answered. The user @mickyxsigns had fun with the meme saying, "Things I hear a lot as a Deaf creator." She proceeded to do the dance without listing any questions — the joke being she can't hear