Here's how TikTok came together to write a gorgeous song about a cat

A group of talented musicians joined forces to write a song about one person's neighborhood kitty. The result was surprisingly marvelous. The user @june_banoon shared a video on June 30 where they serenaded a cat from down the road who they named Mashed Potatoes. "Here comes the boy/Hello boy/Welcome/There he is/He is here," Banoon sang. The video snagged 15.4 million views and sparked a chorus of duets. The user @alexfromsf added some piano to @june_banoon's singing. Then @harpistkari used her harp skills to contribute to the song. Another musician, @nikkokeh contributed flute music to the mix. TikToker @sloworm threw in more vocals and harmonized with the original audio combined with @alexfromsf's piano addition. There was no shortage of creativity when it came to the collaborations. The user @tster_ overlayed his trumpet onto the version with two piano numbers. Then one editing genius @baal_sword combined a ton of duets together to make an entire song with violin, saxophone, vocal harmonies, guitar, and piano music