Here's how to recreate the TikTok pumpkin head trend

The "pumpkin head photoshoot" challenge has taken over TikTok and it's creepily delightful. The latest trend is exactly what it sounds like: people put jack-o-lanterns on their heads and take fun photos. In the challenge, users carve pumpkins and wear them on their heads. Most people complete the challenge with a friend and sometimes even create a theme. The hashtag #pumpkinheadphotoshoot currently has over 52.4 million views. 1. Choose a pumpkin that is large enough to fit over your head. 2. Carve a massive head-sized hole at the bottom of the pumpkin. 3. Remove all of the pumpkin meat and seeds from the inside. 4. Carve out a jack-o-lantern style face. But really the image is up to you. 5. Wear the pumpkin on your head and stage a photoshoot with a friend