Here's what LeBron heard when he took the court in Cleveland

Man, Dwyer wasn't kidding — that's a friggin' cascade of boos. Just relentless, enveloping cat calls that greeted LeBron James(notes) when he set foot on the court at Quicken Loans Arena during pregame warmups before his Miami Heat took on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This really gives you a sense of how heated the atmosphere was inside the Q Thursday night (or, at least, how heated it was before Miami stomped the Cavs out late in the first and early in the second en route to a 59-40 halftime lead) — this is 200 seconds of some serious distemper, right here, plus some choice chanting that compares James to a specific part of the human anatomy most frequently referenced in descriptions of defecation. (That is most certainly the highest number of syllables ever used to describe that particular expletive. We did it!)

My favorite part of the clip? The 1:25 mark (I know, it's kind of shaky, hang in there with me, friends), when LeBron takes a pass on the layup line, the boos crest a bit, then he misses the bunny, and the crowd explodes in a cheer. I bet even LeBron got a little chuckle out of that. (NOTE: I do not actually bet that.)

Video courtesy of g2themoore.

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