Here's the final FedEx Cup prize money payout for each golfer at the 2019 Tour Championship

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Rory McIlroy made a point during his Wednesday press conference on the eve of the Tour Championship to state that a tournament’s legacy is not built on prize money alone. In theory, he’s got a point; an event’s prestige can’t be “bought” if you will. It’s more organic than that. However, when the four-time major champion asks rhetorically whether anyone knows what the winner of the Masters wins, we think he’d be surprised with how many people can say $2 million without much prompting. (OK, $2,070,000 to be really specific.)

Perhaps players might not be focused on how much money is up for grabs at golf’s big events, but a good number of golf fans do, which brings us to the prize money breakdown for this week’s FedEx Cup finale, the Tour Championship. As part of the revamping of the format that’s being used to determine the one true winner of the event—adding the stroke-adjustment to players’ scores—the amount of money that will be up for grabs has changed, and we’ll let you guess which way it’s gone. Yep, up.

After 12 years of the FedEx Cup overall prize pool being a steady $35 million, with $10 million going to the winner, this year the numbers have jumped to $60 million and $15 million. The increase comes in part thanks to the trade-off of revamping the format for the Tour Championship, where, unlike in the past, there is no prize money paid out for the tournament.

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Here then is the prize money breakdown that will go to each golfer in the final FedEx Cup standings. As with regular PGA Tour events, money will be split equally among players if there are ties for different places. Except of course for the No. 1 spot, where there will be a playoff among anyone tied for first, with the winner taking home the $15 million. Come Sunday, we'll update this with players’ names to let you know who took home how much in the last event of the 2018-’19 PGA Tour season.

Win: $15,000,000
2: $5,000,000
3: $4,000,000
4: $3,000,000
5: $2,500,000
6: $1,900,000
7: $1,300,000
8: $1,100,000
9: $950,000
10: $830,000

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11: $750,000
12: $660,000
13: $660,000
14: $620,000
15: $595,000
16: $570,000
17: $550,000
18: $535,000
19: $520,000
20: $505,000

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21: $490,000
22: $478,000
23: $466,000
24: $456,000
25: $445,000
26: $435,000
27: $425,000
28: $425,000
29: $405,000
30: $395,000


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