Here's when the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split starts

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The 2017 NA LCS Summer Split starts in June. (Riot Games)
The 2017 NA LCS Summer Split starts in June. (Riot Games)

Riot Games has revealed the start date for the League of Legends 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. According to a section in the press briefing book sent to Yahoo Esports for the NA LCS Spring Finals in Vancouver, the Summer Split will start on June 2 in North America.

This is a slightly earlier start date than the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split, which began on Friday, June 3.

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The 2017 Summer Split will follow on from the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, which runs from April 28 to May 21. The event invites the best teams from around the world to compete on the stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 2017 NA LCS Spring Split regular season concluded on March 26. The playoff finals will take place this weekend in Vancouver, with Team SoloMid and Cloud9 going head-to-head for the grand title. Phoenix1 and FlyQuest will be competing for third and fourth place.

Update 6PM PST: Note that the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split start date was also listed in the NA LCS rulebook, which was released towards the end of last year.

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