Here's Timofey Mozgov, in a hat with ear flaps, riding a bear

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Shortly after the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to ban hoverboards from their locker room, Cleveland players began discussing other things they were not allowed to ride, leading to this tremendous quote:

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And now, one month later, the Cavs have decided to show us what that might look like as a means of promoting a winter hat giveaway at their Jan. 23 home game against the Chicago Bulls. Spoiler alert: it looks cool and weird!

It's also nice to get the full context of the video, because the screencap the Cavs shared on Tuesday night ... well, let's just say it raised some questions. (Lots of Mozgov butt stuff recently. A surprising amount, in fact.)

From a pure comedy perspective, I'm not sure this performance can truly rival Mozgov's work in his spots for The Brew Garden and Sky Zone Trampoline Park; then again, what can? If nothing else, it does suggest that Mozgov could believably depict a man pushed beyond the edge of reason and social mores in a frigid postapocalyptic wasteland, so sci-fi/horror producers, please keep the 7-foot Russian behemoth in mind when casting your near-future projects. I bet if you bring him in for to read for a role, he can score you one of those sweet hats.

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