Here's the Grizzlies' Courtney Lee talking to a tiny version of himself

There are lots of reasons to love the Memphis Grizzlies — the brilliant play of Marc Gasol, the calm and confident work of perennially underrated point guard Mike Conley, the never-ending carnival that is the Tony Allen Experience, Zach Randolph's signature mix of huge heart and heavy hands, and so on. On this Tuesday, though, let's highlight, and give thanks for, the creative behind-the-scenes folk who bring us "Tiny Lee," a short film in which shooting guard Courtney Lee speaks to a tiny version of himself about nothing much at all, which is wonderful:

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Readers of a certain age will, of course, recognize "Tiny Lee" instantly as a very thinly veiled homage to the 1992 "Saturday Night Live" sketch "Tiny Elvis," in which Nicolas Cage played a pint-sized version of Elvis Presley, which was also about nothing and also phenomenal:

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I'm not entirely sure why the Grizzlies decided to film "Tiny Lee" in the first place, or why they decided to release it now. Maybe it's a belated birthday shout-out to both Cage, who turned 51 on Jan. 7, and the King, who would have turned 80 on Jan. 8. Whatever the reason, though, I'm glad they did. And man, you're right, Tiny Lee. That basketball is huge.

Hat-tip to Rodger Sherman at SB Nation.

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