Here's Kendrick Perkins, Derek Fisher and Russell Westbrook kissing a sea lion (Videos)

This is Kendrick Perkins smiling. This footage, to the best of our knowledge, has not been doctored:

You have to wonder whether the Oklahoma City Thunder center still beamed so broadly upon learning that his new squeeze was seeing some of his teammates on the side. How could you, Derek Fisher?

For shame, Russell Westbrook!

And speaking of shame, Russell: Your defense is really leaving something to be desired these days.

We can't blame the All-Star point guard for going a bit easy on his opponent, though; after all, the Thunder trio weren't the real stars of their recent trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo's Sea Lion Show, according to Nick Gallo of the Thunder's official website:

Led by Heather Down, the event started with a ring toss competition with two sea lions, which Perkins and Fisher took part in along with four children selected from the audience. Next up was Westbrook, who stood next to a half-sized basketball hoop as one sea lion, Piper, grabbed a ball from Down and proceeded to dunk it.

Fisher then held up a small canvas and allowed a sea lion to paint on it, with the brush hanging out of its mouth, much to the glee of the kids in attendance. The afternoon rounded out with each player standing in front of the audience as Piper jumped out of the water, waddled up to the stage and gave each player a hug and kiss.

“It’s something I’ll never forget,” Perkins said. “Hopefully I can get a picture of it, bring it home and put it in my office.”

Sure thing — here you go, Perk:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go spend the next few minutes imagining Kendrick Perkins sending faxes and scanning documents in his home office, which I trust is where he conducts most of his dog sales and set up the lion's share of his lowfat milk endorsements.

Hat-tip to @TreyJGlover, via Daily Thunder.

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