Here's a shirtless Darko Milicic singing and giving beer to his tattoos

Here's a shirtless Darko Milicic singing and giving beer to his tattoos

When last we checked in with Darko Milicic, the former No. 2 overall pick had decided to pursue an invigorating and rewarding second career as a professional kickboxer. While that new venture got off to something of a rocky start. the 7-footer sure seems to be enjoying himself in the great post-basketball hereafter:

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Yep, that's a shirtless Darko Milicic pounding beers and heartily singing a "patriotic/pump-up-our-country song" alongside Baja Mali Knindža, a Bosnian Serb singer "often described as part of the turbo folk scene" (duh). Ever a sharing sort (let us never forget David Kahn's Chris Webber comparisons!) Milicic then decides to go halfsies on his brew with the two faces tattooed on his midsection — on the left, Momčilo Đujić, and on the right, Nikola Kalabić, two leaders in the Serbian Chetnik movement during World War II, which is some pretty polarizing artwork — as a bunch of no-doubt-stone-sober fellow singers look on and cheer in celebration.

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LeBron James is the only member of the top five of the vaunted 2003 draft class participating in this postseason. I'm not saying that Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh aren't enjoying the early end to their seasons as much as Darko is, but I am saying that I'm going to need to see the folk-singing beer-crushing videos to prove they are.

Hat-tips to @TWolvesArmyIT and Steve McPherson.

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