Master P's son, Tennessee State freshman Hercy Miller, cashes in on NIL rules with $2 million deal

The recent NCAA rule change allowing student-athletes to profit from their names, images and likeness has opened the door for college sports' biggest stars to cash in. As well as children of multi-platinum rappers.

Rap mogul Master P announced Thursday that his son, incoming Tennessee State freshman basketball player Hercy Miller, had signed a $2 million brand ambassador deal with Web Apps America, a software development company in Los Angeles.

By Insider's count, it's the single largest NIL agreement for a student-athlete so far.

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In an interview with TMZ, Master P said the deal is for four years and added "This is like playing in the pros now."

How the deal came together, according to the father:

He worked so hard. This is a blessing. They say when you do right, blessings will keep coming to you. He's been doing right. He's an A student and that's why this company did this, because they wanted to deal with a student-athletes from a HBCU. When they researched them, he was the top athlete when you pull up HBCU.

Miller's father probably didn't hurt either, especially because the news of the deal itself will give the company plenty of valuable exposure.


The NCAA officially opened the floodgates on July 1, with student-athletes across the country and across sports cashing in on deals big and small. It was a change a long time coming, and brought on by several state legislatures passing bills allowing students to profit from their celebrity.

It's not a total free-for-all; schools and state laws can still restrict how athletes can make deals. For example, Master P told TMZ that Tennessee State requires all athletes take a financial literacy course with such deals.

Miller also pledged to not immediately spend all the money and to give back to the community, including a camp on July 21 and a school supplies giveaway. There are, however, plans to start leasing his first car, a Tesla, down the line.

"That might be another endorsement," Master P said.


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