Help your kids develop independence with this clever table setting hack

TikTok account Crafty Moms (@craftymoms) has garnered a following of almost 3 million users for their videos featuring clever hacks that help kids learn practical skills. Recently, they shared a video featuring an easy hack to teach kids to set the table. The clip shows viewers how to help kids achieve a “greater level of independence” by creating their own table place setting. The filmer begins by swapping out a regular placemat for a blank sheet of paper. After placing the dishware and utensils onto the paper, they outline each item with a pencil, labeling each stencil drawing with its intended purpose. Finally, they cover the sheet with clear tape so kids can cleanly wipe off leftovers. The finished product is a DIY placemat with template settings designed specifically to help kids understand which objects go where at the dinner table. Both parents and non-parents alike took to TikTok to express their excitement for the clever hack. “Me taking notes even if I’m only 23 and [don’t] have a child yet,” one user joked