Help get Jade, a Labrador retriever and shepherd mix, back into a loving home

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Ellen Perryess

Jade was content with her life. She was a loved, four-legged family member.

Her people taught her the importance of good-dog manners, making sure she knew how to walk on a leash, be housebroken, and sit and lay down on command.

However upheavals in human lives — both happy and sad — often result in profound changes for family pets.

For Jade, she was enjoying the normal flow of her life when the family celebrated the arrival of a baby, bringing dramatic change to Jade’s life.

Upon arriving at our County Animal Services’ shelter, Jade was scared and bewildered by the loss of her family. Now she enjoys going for walks outside the shelter and appreciates every gift of human affection.

Jade’s a lovely 4-year-old mix of Labrador retriever and shepherd. According to her previous owner, she’s good with children, likes to chase cats, doesn’t chew or dig, and gets along with low-key dogs.

At the shelter, she’s does enjoy playing with Malu (a yet-to-be-adopted Pet Tales’ dog), though she’s hoping to be an only pet so she can be the recipient of all human attention.

Being a true people-dog, Jade welcomes new friends with a slow tail wag that seems to emanate deep within her body and travels throughout. She wants to please and takes treats gently from your hand, so she’s ready to learn new dog skills.

Jade knows where contentment lies, because home is where the heart is.