Helen Mirren discovers she's a year younger, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres

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When Helen Mirren visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, she thought she was a full year older than she really was. Ellen was explaining how Mirren wasn’t shy about saying her age, which was 72. Mirren unconvincingly corrected her, saying that she was 73.

After a few moments of the two going back and forth, Mirren said, “Are you sure? I think that I am 73.”

Mirren said she was born in 1945, which would make her 72.

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Once she figured out that she was a year younger, she happily said, “This is fantastic … I’ve just made a whole year. Thank you.”

DeGeneres quipped, “Although it does seem like you’re aging. You don’t know your age. I was going to say you look great, but you’re losing it.”

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