The Heat want Dwyane Wade to sign the world's biggest contract

We've known about the Miami Heat's "We Want Wade" campaign for quite some time now. And while it's a little strange that a team that currently employs a player would be openly courting said player through the Internet, it's still proven as effective as a free agency recruiting website can be, even when it crashes. But now, they've really taken things up a notch.

We're talking a contract billboard, which is the best billboard thus far in the Great Free Agency Bonanza of 2010. Behold it's majesty.

Sure, billboards have been used pretty often this summer, but this is the first I've seen that actually has a place for the player being courted to ink a legally binding contract. Nice job, guys.

And while the billboard is pretty great in and of itself, the best part is this little nugget uncovered by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Sarah Talalay:

If Wade does re-sign, the team is exploring having Wade actually sign the giant billboard.

Please let this happen. I can't imagine anything better than one of the NBA's biggest stars standing on top of a bait store and signing a giant fake contract while cars zip by on the 79th Street Causeway.

Of course, since it was technically the Heat that paid for this billboard, don't be surprised if the team is fined a couple hundred thousand bucks for offering Dwyane Wade(notes) a contract before the July 1 official start date of free agency. David Stern doesn't play.

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