The Heat will meet their most famous fan from Cleveland

Remember Matthew Bellamy? Of course you don't.

Remember the guy that was led from a Cleveland Indians game for his own safety earlier this year because he decided to show up for the contest wearing a Miami Heat jersey with LeBron James'(notes) name and new number on it? There you go.

Well, Vince Grzegorek from the fabulous '64 and Counting blog was going over the kid's Facebook page recently, and he's unearthed an interesting little update to a story you wanted nothing to do with from the get-go:

It seems the Miami Heat liked Bellamy's little exercise of free advertising/ballsiness and extended a special invitation to Bellamy to come on down to Miami, attend a game, and meet the team (where presumably he and LeBron will discuss how freaking fun it is to piss off Clevelanders) -- all on the Heat's dime.

Bellamy posted on his Facebook wall today that he's off to South Beach this weekend and had this to say to me in a message: "yeah, its a night named after me get to meet the team, all expenses are paid for!! Cant wait super excited"

It does seem a little odd that the Heat are rewarding a 20-something for being a little tactless in his approach to ... wait, I just caught myself there. This makes perfect and complete sense.

It's a shame that you're missing out on a lovely autumnal day up here in the Midwest, Matthew. Next time, ask them to fly you down in February. Assuming the Lakers aren't in first place by then and you've front-runned out to buy a Kobe jersey.

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