Hearthstone’s next expansion is Journey to Un’Goro

Are you ready to head into the Un'Goro Crater? (Blizzard)
Are you ready to head into the Un’Goro Crater? (Blizzard)

The next Hearthstone expansion will be called Journey to Un’Goro, Blizzard confirmed Monday.

Earlier this month, we heard rumors that Hearthstone would be headed to the prehistoric WarCraft region of Un’Goro. While the rumor had the title slightly wrong, the setting is the same.

Along with the announcement, Blizzard has revealed a fistful of new cards to show off some of the new mechanics coming with the expansion. That includes a new keyword ability and a brand new card type.

The keyword is “Adapt,” which lets players choose an upgrade for a minion from a pool of three when the ability is triggered. Upgrades include Divine Shield, Windfury, or extra attack, among others. Verdant Longneck is the Adapt minion shown off in the first batch of cards.

“Quests” are a never before seen card type that always appear in your opening hand. Upon being played, quest cards give the player an objective (in Awaken the Maker’s case, summon seven Deathrattle minions). If the player finishes that objective, they will get a nice little reward (here, Amara, Warden of Hope).

Also in the opening announcement is the addition of the Elemental minion type. Why legendary Mage minion Pyros is the first Elemental in the new set, Blizzard is changing older cards to gain the type. Everything from the beloved Ragnaros the Firelord to the maligned Magma Rager will now be Elementals.

You can check out all the revealed cards in our Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro gallery.

The new expansion also marks the beginning of the Year of the Mammoth, which cycles out three expansion and six Classic cards from the Standard set. The new set will feature 135 new cards, more of which will be revealed on March 17. The full set will release in early April.

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