Hearthstone expansion Whispers of the Old Gods to drop on April 26

Taylor Cocke

Blizzard announced Tuesday that Whispers of the Old Gods will be available to the world starting on April 26.

The expansion will include 134 new cards (the revealed of which can be checked out right here on Yahoo Esports), all of which are themed around the four Old Gods of Warcraft lore. 

With the expansion will come the first rotation of format in Hearthstone’s history, with the Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs. Gnomes expansions rotating out of Standard play. To play with the old cards, players will have to step into the Wild format.

Taylor Cocke is looking forward to listening to those Whispers. And probably spending too much money to try and hit Legend. Follow his card playing antics on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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