Heads or tails? Geno Smith jokes he called “hails”

Charean Williams
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Geno Smith added to the coin flip controversy Tuesday night, tweeting that he called, “Hails.”

The Seahawks backup quarterback made the call for the visitors before the start of overtime. The video isn’t clear on Smith’s choice, but many took to social media saying they heard “tails.”

Laurel or Yanny? Blue dress or gold dress? Heads or tails?

Referee Alex Kemp announced Smith called “heads,” and the coin landed that way.

Both teams had two possessions in overtime before the Seahawks won on the last play, so it became something of a moot point.

While Smith is adding to the mystery, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had the best evidence yet that Smith called heads: 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who was standing across from Smith, had no reaction.

“Well, it didn’t sound like heads when you listen to the TV copy,” Carroll said, via NFL.com. “But both the official and Richard, they didn’t [react]. . . .Richard would have griped, I would think. Yeah, he would for sure if he heard something different than what happened. I’m going with that more than anything.”

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