Heading into rematch with Eagles, Joe Judge believes Giants are an improved team

Colin Martin
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Joe Judge vs Bucs
Joe Judge vs Bucs

The last time the Giants and Eagles met was a Thursday night game in Week 7, in which the Giants allowed two Philly touchdowns with under five minutes left in the game, eventually losing 22-21.

Giants head coach Joe Judge spoke to reporters on Wednesday as the team prepares for their rematch with the Eagles.

"Obviously, dealing with Philadelphia, it’s a division opponent, so there’s a rivalry aspect to this," Judge said. "You can take the records out of it, it’s really irrelevant at this point. All that matters is competing against Philadelphia and playing our best game on the field. I’d say in relation to our last game, to us, it’s really irrelevant, the result of anything that happened last game. All that matters is we’ve learned from our experiences on the field and that we play a better game and a complete game as a team. But this is a different team, this is an improved team."

Judge believes the Giants are a different team than they were three weeks ago, and are continuing to make improvements on the field.

"I feel we’re getting closer and closer to what we want to be as a team," Judge said. "I think we’re improving every week and I see that, the players see that when we turn on the tape. When we turn it on, we want our identity to be something that jumps off the tape at us when you watch it. There doesn’t need to be volume on the tape for a reason. That’s because all you have to know is what you see. We turn the tape on, our players see it. They understand what they’re doing, what they’re improving on.

"Do I think we are a different team? I think we’re an improving team. I see strides made with all the players on a weekly basis. I’m very pleased with the way they come to work, how they have already started off today. Getting on the field and we’ll make strides today going forward."

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson mentioned in his press conference that the Giants had the Eagles beat with five minutes left during their Week 7 matchup. Judge was asked what the Giants need to do to finish strong and get a victory.

"The part that he referenced, those last five minutes are the most important part in that game," Judge said. "We have to finish as a team and play a complete game. You can’t fall asleep on Philly. They’re an explosive team, they do a great job in situations. We already knew this team is a very good team on third down, in the red area, in two-minute drives. They do a great job in terms of scheming you up in the game plan element. 

"Doug does a great job in terms of starting the game out fast, creating explosive plays and really finding things that you struggle with and looking to expose them. We’ve known this opponent for an amount of time. It really just confirms what you know about them already, about how dangerous they are and how they can score at any point in time. You really have to play a complete game to finish."

The Eagles (3-4-1) are coming off of a bye week and are currently leading the NFC East by a game and a half over the Washington Football Team. Although, a win for the Giants (2-7) would keep them in the race to win the division.