HBO's LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Episode 2 Explained! "Whitey's on the Moon" Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

Greg and Meg break down the plot and references in Episode 2, "Whitey's on the Moon". The first episode of HBO's Lovecraft Country built steadily to its climax, as Tic, Leti, and Uncle George searched for Tic's missing father Montrose, while battling the institutional racism of sundown counties and the cops who enforced their curfews. The last ten minutes of the first episode exploded into an orgy of blood and violence, as many-eyed shoggoths ate and mangled the policemen who were about to kill our heroes. The second episode, which aired on August 23, was nowhere near as disciplined or focused as its predecessor. It moved at breakneck pace to resolve all of the series' questions in record time. And by the end of Episode 2, we'd found Montrose, learned about Tic's secret lineage, discovered the purpose of the cult that's imprisoned them, and experienced the death of a main character. In this world, magic and wizardry are real things, capable of doing everything from creating hallucinations and erasing memories to erecting invisible barriers. Greg and Meg break down the plot points of Episode 2 and explain all of the Easter eggs and references to the Lovecraft Country novel, American history, literature and pop culture. Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! Follow Us - Like Us -