HBO is developing a basketball dramedy

By the end of its run last September, HBO's "Entourage" was pretty much only liked by frat bros and dudes with multiple Affliction shirts. The series' biggest fans, though, were professional athletes, and especially NBA players. "Entourage" depicted a world they knew well, and they identified with stories that the general public couldn't connect with. Because, you know, none of my friends have ever wanted to start a high-end baked clams restaurant.

With the show off the air, NBA players' entertainment options are severely lacking. Luckily, there could soon be a new HBO series about basketball life. From Lacey Rose for The Hollywood Reporter (via

Jeff Nathanson and Gavin Polone are bringing their own brand of sports dramedy to HBO. The duo has sold a pitch for an untitled hourlong project that would offer viewers an unflinching behind-the-scenes look at a professional basketball team. The dramedy would feature the money, sex, power and temptation that often accompany the world of pro sports, both for its millionaire players and billionaire owners.

Nathanson, best known for penning such films as Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal and the Rush Hour series, will write, executive produce and direct the project. Polone, who counts HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Tell Me You Love Me and Cinema Verite among his many credits, will executive produce.

TV projects take a long time to get going — they'll need to write a pilot, cast actors, hopefully film it, and then get a series order if we're ever going to see this production on the air. It's a long way off, and for all we know HBO will think no one wants to watch an hour of people playing video games and going to Chipotle. I would, but I also read more NBA Twitter accounts than most people should.

Whether this happens or not, NBA players should pay attention to all future developments. "Entourage" had several NBA cameos, and it stands to reason that this new show would also welcome NBA players into the fold. Carmelo Anthony could even try his hand at more dramedy after his stint on "Nurse Jackie."

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