Haynes: Celtics looking to improve, but small deals, buyout market likely focus

According to Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes, if the Boston Celtics do make a move ahead of the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline, expect it to be a smaller one, with the team’s focus also trained on the league’s buyout market. Speaking in a recent B/R video, Haynes shared via Heavy’s Matt John that while the Celtics are “always looking, trying to find ways to improve,” that “Boston has a roster that they feel very comfortable with.”

Even still, per the B/R reporter, “they’re going to be a team for sure that’s going to look at the buyout market and see who unloads there and see if there’s any good fits.”

“A team like Boston, if they do make a trade by the deadline, it’ll be probably a trade that would help them around the edges,” shared Haynes. “I don’t see any robust moves being made by the Celtics.”

While that might be a bit of a letdown to the team’s fans who are forever addicted to the possibility of trade deadline fireworks, when you have a club with the best record in the league, even marginal moves can do as much harm as help if not the right fit.

So with that in mind, a cautious approach to both trades and buyouts seems a prudent approach for a team that needs very little more save perhaps some forward and frontcourt depth that might be able to be addressed in one player.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire