John Collins wears shirt of himself posterizing Joel Embiid to press conference

John Collins arrived at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday totally ready for his Atlanta Hawks to beat the Philadelphia 76ers in a winner-take-all Game 7. How do we know? All you have to do is look at the shirt he wore to his media conference after the Hawks defeated the Sixers 103-96.

Yes, Collins wore a shirt emblazoned with a picture of him absolutely posterizing the 7-foot Joel Embiid back in Game 6. Here's the full dunk in all its glory.

A shirt with that image on it isn't something an unconfident man brings to a Game 7, especially since the Hawks lost Game 6.

Sour grapes

Not surprisingly, Collins' shirt isn't really impressing devastated Sixers fans. As you can see from this tweet posted by Philly's sports talk radio station 94 WIP, they're looking for any possible win, even on a nitpick level.

That's not quite the searing indictment they want it to be. The Sixers won Game 6, so that uncalled offensive foul is completely meaningless. But it's hard to blame Philly fans for feeling sore. The Sixers are the only major sports team in the city that's doing well, and their season still ended in embarrassment and heartbreak. Pointing out an uncalled offensive foul on the shirt of a player who beat them is all they have right now.

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