Hawkeye Report Pick Six

Tom Kakert, Publisher
Hawkeye Report

Another week in the books for the Hawkeye Report Pick Six and once again it was Blair Sanderson pulling away from the competition.

The big swing games last week were Florida’s last second win over Tennessee and Blair was the only person to pick Vanderbilt to beat Kansas State.

Overall, Blair has a two game lead over Matt Randazzo. Then a pack of three, including Mike Zierath, RDietz, and Tom Kakert three games back. Special mention for Torbee, who is now below .500 on the season.

This week the games we will be picking are:

Penn State at Iowa

Michigan at Purdue

Notre Dame at Michigan State

Mississippi State at Georgia

Arkansas at Texas A&M

Florida at Kentucky

Here are the picks this week:


TOM KAKERT (Last week 4-2, 13-5 overall)

Michigan with a convincing win at Purdue

Michigan State beats the Domers

Give me Mississippi State over UGA

I’ll take Texas A&M over the Hogs

Kentucky ends 30 years of frustration with a win over the Gators

Penn State has too much offense and beats Iowa 31-17


BLAIR SANDERSON (Last week 5-1, 16-2 overall)


Michigan State


Texas A&M


I kind of see it playing out as one of those games where Iowa gives 'em hell and shows they are better than people think they are, but ultimately come up just short in the end. I'll say Penn State 31, Iowa 28. Pick to click is Akrum Wadley.


MIKE ZIERATH (Last week 4-2, 13-5 overall)

Michigan survives

Michigan State is back

Mississippi State wins their second big game in a row

Either way, someone's seat becomes very, very warm, but I'll take the Razorbacks.

Kentucky hasn't won in like 30 years. They have a defense. I'm taking Kentucky.

Iowa only has a shot because they are on the same field. Penn State big, 36-14. My pick to click is Nick Easley.


RDIETZ (Last week 4-2, 13-5 overall)






PSU 27 Iowa 17. Wadley with 90 yards and a TD


LYLE HAMMES (Last week 4-2, 12-6 overall)

Michigan over Purdue

Notre Dame over Michigan State

Georgia over Miss State

Texas A&M over Arkansas

Florida over Kentucky

The Hawkeyes hang tough, but Iowa's run of three straight home wins vs. top five teams comes to an end. Penn State 31 - Iowa 21. I really liked what I saw from running back Ivory Kelly-Martin last week. I think he'll again show promise of being a rising star, this time on a much bigger stage.


TORBEE (Last week 2-4, 8-10 overall)

I think the Purdue hype is getting way out of hand. They still aren't "good"

Michigan 27 Purdue 13

Notre Dame over MSU

Battle of the Bulldogs goes to Georgia who just nips the "other" MSU

Arkansas pulls off the mild upset and Sumlin's seat gets hotter while Big Bret's cools off.

Florida rolls the Wildcats

I just don't feel great about how Iowa matches up with PSU's offensive athleticism. I see this looking a bit like the Iowa State game, but without the happy ending.

Penn State 31 - Iowa 24 Pick-to-click is Noah Fant


MATT RANDAZZO (last week 4-2, 14-4 overall)






Penn State 28 Iowa 17

JOHN KERTH (Last week 4-2, 9-3 overall)

Michigan over Purdue

Notre Dame over Michigan State

Georgia over Mississippi State

Texas A&M over Arkansas

Florida over Kentucky

This should be a much closer game than the last time these two teams met, but I think the final result is the same. Penn State 34, Iowa 24. Nate Stanley throws for 250 yards and three TDs.

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