Hawk Harrelson still hates Wrigley Field in retirement: 'That place sucks'

Ken “Hawk” Harrelson may no longer be affiliated with the Chicago White Sox, but he’s still hating on Wrigley Field. Harrelson took aim at the historic stadium again Monday, according to WGN’s Rick Tarsitano.

Since it was Harrelson, you know he didn’t mince words. When asked whether he misses going to Wrigley Field, the 77-year-old Harrelson says, “That place sucks.”

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While that comes off as blunt and inflammatory, the whole quote puts Harrelson’s thoughts in a slightly better context. As he goes on to explain, Wrigley Field sucks for the visiting team because it’s old. Harrelson actually believes the “venue” is great and everything on the field is great at Wrigley Field. He even gave props to the Cubs earlier in the interview, saying they are a good team and aren’t going away any time soon.

Harrelson adds that he thinks Fenway Park sucks in the same way. As he explains, “They still got some of the same cracks and holes in the roof there as when I played, you know back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.” Harrelson played for the Boston Red Sox for three seasons.

What Harrelson maybe doesn’t realize is that the visiting clubhouse at Wrigley Field has been renovated. Problem is, the Cubs made those upgrades a year after Harrelson announced he would never return to the ballpark.

In 2017, Harrelson declared he was done with Wrigley Field. Prior to the start of the 2018 season, the Cubs renovated the visiting clubhouse. Harrelson was still calling games in 2018, but he was on a limited schedule. He did about 20 home games for the White Sox.

Perhaps Harrelson would change his tune if he gave Wrigley Field another chance, but that would ruin the narrative. Cubs and Sox fans need to hold at least a tiny bit of animosity against each other and Harrelson is more than happy to stoke that fire.


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