Why hasn't Dez Bryant signed with the Browns? Report says he might not be interested

It all seemed so easy: With questions about Josh Gordon’s availability and the trade of Corey Coleman, the Cleveland Browns could use a receiver and Dez Bryant was unsigned. That should be an easy fit.

But Bryant to the Browns hasn’t happened yet and it doesn’t seem imminent. One report on Tuesday said the Browns feel that Bryant isn’t interested in joining them.

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ESPN’s Josina Anderson said, according to a source of hers with the team, “there’s an impression they have that Bryant is not seriously interested in coming to Cleveland.”

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant remains unsigned. (AP)
Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant remains unsigned. (AP)

Why hasn’t Dez Bryant signed with the Browns?

While it was easy to connect dots and wonder if the Browns trading Coleman to the Buffalo Bills for practically nothing was done to free up space for Bryant, Anderson’s source said that was not the case.

It’s easy to see why the Browns feel like Bryant isn’t interested. They are interested in signing Bryant but no visit has been scheduled and the situation is in “a holding pattern,” according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. All teams will play their first preseason game by the end of the week, so there should be some urgency for Bryant to get into a camp. Yet, the Browns wait for an answer.

Who will Bryant end up with?

Bryant’s free agency has been unusual. The Cowboys cut him more than a month after free agency started, which didn’t do him any favors. With his options more limited than if the Cowboys had made the move in February or early March, Bryant has waited for the right fit. He has claimed before he has opportunities.

The only known offer to Bryant was turned down. Bryant declined a multi-year deal from the Baltimore Ravens, reportedly because he wants a one-year deal so he can hit free agency again next March.

It’s unclear why Bryant hasn’t taken a visit with the Browns. Maybe he’s waiting for a contender to call, perhaps after an injury in preseason. Whatever the reason, Bryant remains a free agent.

Presumably at some point Bryant will sign, perhaps with the Browns if nothing better comes along and they remain interested. He’s no longer the Pro Bowl player he was a few years ago, but he is better than many receivers on NFL rosters right now. But the closer we get to the start of the regular season, Bryant’s options might become even more limited.

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