Harry Maguire: I did not give Tory party permission to use picture of me

Harry Maguire - Harry Maguire: I did not give Tory party permission to use picture of me
The Conservatives have come under criticism for using an image of Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire says he did not give permission for the Conservative Party to use an image of him and his partner in a social media post.

The Conservatives used a famous photograph of Maguire talking to his then girlfriend, now his wife, Fern Hawkins, after England’s memorable round-of-16 win over Colombia, after a penalty shoot-out, in Moscow in the 2018 World Cup.

Maguire is seen leaning forward and talking to Hawkins and the image has been used as a ‘meme’ on social media.

It even went viral at the time with Kyle Walker, for example, using it to good humouredly poke fun at his team-mate. Even Maguire himself posted it with the caption: “Can you ask the neighbours to put the bins out on Monday? We’re not going home just yet.”

However the latest to use it are the Conservatives who attached it to a tweet following the publication of the long-awaited Football Governance Bill earlier this week which will lead to the establishment of an independent Football Regulator.

The photo is accompanied by a caption which reads: “Rishi said any League with me in it would be Super always”.

The tweet refers to the Government claiming the Bill contains plans to prevent a future European Super League breakaway and using Maguire has come in for criticism – not least in the responses to the post in which it has been deemed “cringeworthy”.

Maguire was asked where he was aware of what the Tories had done and said: “No, I haven’t seen it”. He was then asked whether permission had been sought from him to use the photo in this political context.

“No, they have had no permission,” Maguire said. “I didn’t even know about the advert to be honest, so, I will have a look after this.”

Political parties do not have to seek approval to use such images – the copyright belongs to the photographer – but they have faced demands in the past for them to be withdrawn by individuals not happy with the context.

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