Hard Knocks: Browns parody Jarvis Landry's profanity-laced speech

Cleveland Browns rookie Blake Jackson led a parody video making fun of Jarvis Landry’s profanity-laced speech on Tuesday night’s episode of “Hard Knocks.” (Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns rookie Blake Jackson led a parody video making fun of Jarvis Landry’s profanity-laced speech on Tuesday night’s episode of “Hard Knocks.” (Getty Images)

On the first episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry went on a profanity-laced speech while in a meeting room with the rest of the receivers after a perceived lack of intensity at practice.

Landry went off, trying to motivate the rest of the receivers and take a leadership role on a team that went 1-31 over the past two seasons.

“Fellas, I don’t know what the f— been going on here, and I don’t know why it’s been going on here,” Landry told his fellow receivers in the first episode. “But if you’re not hurt, if you’re hamstring isn’t falling off your f—ing bone, your leg isn’t broke, you should be f—ing practicing. Straight up. That s— is weakness and that s— is contagious as f—.”

Naturally, since the whole speech was all caught on camera, the rest of the receivers decided to have some fun with it on the fourth episode on Tuesday night.

What Jarvis meant to say

The Browns, after replaying footage of Landry’s speech, played a video titled, “What Jarvis meant to say.”

Rookie receiver Blake Jackson recorded his voice over the footage of Landry giving his speech, and started off pretty similarly to Landry’s, too.

“Fellas, listen. I’m going to get to the chase real quick,” Jackson started off. “Pretty much, all y’all b—-es, except for me. Everyone in here is a b—-, except for me. That s— is contagious bro. That s— is contagious. Contaaaagggious.”

The video then cut to footage of Jackson running routes in practice, but while injured.

“I don’t care if you broke your hand, you better be at practice catching every pass, one handed like I do, all the time, every day,” Jackson said, while the video showed him running a route with his hand wrapped up in a cast.”

“I don’t give a f— if you broke your foot, you better be out there, running routes and you better be at practice,” Jackson continued, while the video showed him making a diving catch with a walking boot on.”

“Matter fact, I don’t give a f— if you f—ing broke both feet,” Jackson said, while waddling down the field running a route before making a diving catch on the sidelines. “You better be at practice running routes and catching every pass. That s— is contagious bro.”

“I don’t even care if you can’t even walk,” Jackson said, while driving a cart with Damion Ratley in the back, his legs wrapped up in casts, making a catch before driving off into the end zone. “If you can’t even walk, we’ll find a way to get you the ball and still practice.”

(Warning, the video contains language that is NSFW)

It seems that Landry’s speech — while it had a different, much more serious meaning — got through to the Browns after all.

Hue Jackson takes jab at Baker Mayfield

Head coach Hue Jackson took a shot at rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield on “Hard Knocks” this week, though not from anything that he did on the field.

“How many of you guys need underwear?” Jackson asked his team in the meeting room. “Because if any of you need a pair, I think I can hook you up.”

He then put up a picture of Mayfield posing with a tiger in an ad for his new underwear line.

Naturally, it was met with a room full of laughs.

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