Harbaugh: Lamar Jackson still ‘has a lot to learn’, but progress is coming

Andrew Gillis
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Harbaugh: Lamar Jackson still ‘has a lot to learn’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson had certainly the most careless football game of his professional career last Sunday against the Steelers.

Jackson turned the ball over four times (three of which were consequential turnovers) which led to, at least, a 17-point swing in the game. On the first drive of the game, Jackson threw a pick six. He later fumbled in the red zone and then threw an interception in Ravens’ territory that led to a Steelers touchdown two plays later. 

After the game, Jackson was critical of his play and said turnovers were the reason they lost the football game. 

Friday, coach John Harbaugh added that Jackson is still growing at the quarterback position and has things he still needs to learn.

“He still has a lot to learn, but the great thing about Lamar is he recognizes that,” Harbaugh said. “He understands people are making him the focus, and he has to find ways to, basically, tighten up his game and beat those things with precision and accuracy, and his mind and all those different other kinds of things that quarterbacks use.”

Jackson threw for 208 yards on 13-of-28 passing with two touchdowns and two interceptions. He added 65 yards on the ground, but his turnovers were the unmistakable takeaway of the loss to the Steelers.

“I get over it, but it’s going to always be on my mind, just because we lost that game and I hate having turnovers,” Jackson said Wednesday. “But you have to move on. Just like if we were in the game — if I had a turnover — I’d keep it going and score the next drive. So, I can’t dwell on it. You have to move forward. That’s what we’re doing now. The game is over with. I’m mad about the result, but we’ll see them again.”

Jackson, 23, has had to deal with a wave of pressure this season as the league’s MVP. And under that pressure, he hasn’t been perfect. He didn’t play well against the Chiefs in Week 3 (though he was hampered with key drops) and hasn’t put together a full game of the MVP magic from a year ago. 

Each week, the Ravens’ opponent will run a new-look defense, or change their look to adjust to the Ravens’ unique offensive look. That hasn’t been easy on Jackson, either.

“It’s definitely the toughest position to play in football, and they’re doing everything they can — a lot of smart people and talented people – to stop Lamar Jackson the week that they play him,” Harbaugh said. “The other part of that is it’s not 11-on-1; it’s 11-on-11. So, they can focus 11-on-1 if they want, but there are 10 other guys out there. And that’s the thing we try to get across to our guys.”