Happy Thanksgiving, from Ball Don’t Lie

Ball Don't Lie

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, here in the US of A, and we'd like to wish you a happy, happy one.

So would Jerome Williams, in fact. So happy, he's brought two turkeys to the party. An apron, too.

This is a man who is ready to help. He can get things for your mother off of the top shelf, work to make sure the gravy thickens up but doesn't stick at the bottom of the pan, and he'll come in at the end of the quarter to help pressure the ball-handler behind his point guard, but without fouling. Actually, he might foul. He's the Junkyard Dog. You want to make some gravy, you're going to have to break some giblets.

(That's what JYD would say. We think.)

So have a happy one, whatever it entails. And save an extra slice of kindness for those that you see working today. Helping you find the allspice at the store, pointing you toward the baggage claim at the airport, or keeping your internets flowing freely to be on the ready when you and your uncle get into a disagreement over whether or not that was really Annie Potts in that red wig in 'Ghostbusters II.'

So, from Dan Devine and Eric Freeman as well as your humbled (it's been a rough few months, NBA fans) narrator, Ball Don't Lie wishes you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

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