Happy Jusuf Nurkic Appreciation Day!

Jamie Hudson
NBC Sports Northwest

It seems as if ‘Nurk Fever' was a million years ago.  

Now as we wait for the NBA to make a decision on the 2019-20 season, all of Rip City is eagerly waiting for the return of a healthy Jusuf Nurkic.  

The Trail Blazers center was set to make his triumphant return on Sunday, Mar. 15 against the Houston Rockets.

And then the pandemic hit.

Thus, Wednesday, May 13, 2020 has now been dubbed Jusuf Nurkic Appreciation Day.

The one and only Bosnian Beast for #NurkWednesday !!!!!

Posted by NBC Sports Northwest on Wednesday, 13 May 2020

You also have a couple of different Jusuf Nurkic Wallpapers to choose from for your phone.

Maybe one for your lock screen and one for your home screen?

Just an idea.

Of course, Nurkic Appreciation Day had to fall on a Wednesday.

"Nurk Wednesday's" all started when the Bosnian Beast tweeted during training camp this year, various pictures of his rehab process, while using the hashtag, #NurkWednesday. 

And the rest is history.

But really, once the Trail Blazers said let's make ‘this a thing,' it stuck…

Here are just a handful of our favorite #NurkWednesday posts:

Now, as the anticipation of Nurk's return, as well as the return of the NBA continues to grow, the 7-footer says he is in favor of a play-in tournament for the playoffs if the league decides to go that route with resuming this season.

One thing is certain:

We are all eagerly waiting for the Wednesdays when you are back out on the floor, big fella!  

Happy Jusuf Nurkic Appreciation Day! originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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