'It will happen behind the scenes'

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan and Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan and Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool chief executive Billy Hogan on the decision-making process around Jurgen Klopp's replacement: "I think from our perspective, I don't want to set an expectation because it's a process we will go through.

"The way we operate as a football club is to look at all the information, the data and with due diligence and then make our decision. I can't put a time on it - it will happen behind the scenes. It's not to be a distraction... it's about the campaign continuing and the team continuing to perform.

"When we have something to say, we will have something to say at that point.

"I understand it and it’s a sad day, but it’s also a credit to Jurgen that he’s come to the decision and given the club the chance to go through a process. That’s not easy to do if the news isn’t public.

"[It will be] the same process that brought us Jurgen and that’s something we will do in private, with the people here and ownership. When we get to the place when we have further news then we will share - but it won’t be a running commentary.

"We won’t talk about other people or get into the name game. It’s just an announcement that we are making and we focus on the campaign ahead."