Hannibal Buress serves as hype man for a Kevin Durant ad, things turn out poorly (Video)

Hannibal Buress is a very funny stand-up comedian and television co-host that hails from the city of Chicago. He is known for his laconic delivery on stage, leaving him rarely prone to outburst or hyperbole, which makes him the perfect hype man for this new athletic store advertisement that was released last week:

Laughspin, the site that alerted us to this ad, has an explanation from Hannibal:

“Kevin was a cool dude. I dunked on him twice between takes. He didn’t handle it well.”

Seriously, Kevin Durant really needs an attitude adjustment. If he ever wants to lead his Oklahoma City Thunder to a championship, he really needs to focus less on nicknames, and more on fundamentals. Thumbs-out chest passes, and slide drills.

Maybe you should stop appropriating nicknames that were given to people in the late 1990s, Kevin Durant. Maybe you should stop letting stand-up comics dunk on you. Just try to focus on what counts, see what happens.

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