This handy couple gave Wanda, their 1997 RV, a full makeover

Larie and Jason took their lives on the road after their kids flew the coop

Video Transcript

- Hi, I'm Larie [INAUDIBLE].

- And I'm Jason [INAUDIBLE].

- And we are Roam and Conquer.


This beauty behind us is Wanda that we travel in full time. So we started off in upstate New York, where we have lived for the past 20 years with our kids. They flew the coop, and we just--

- So did we.

- Yeah. We just realized that our house was way too big. This is where you would enter our RV. We created this awesome dashboard wall. This is our living room, slash Jason's mad at me bedroom, because this folds out into a futon.

We got this awesome stove which is great. I love it because of the countertop. It comes down, so you have an actual space. And then, when you want to cook, it just flips up. Jason made me a little oasis.

He created this great open shower for me. Our frame of mind is that-- you know, keep costs low. See the country while we can. You know? Where the magic happens.


This is our bedroom. The wallpaper is my favorite. Our bed is extremely high. It's so comfortable. So I want it to be--

- Super important. Comfortable bed.

- Comfortable bed. But yeah, this is our home! Thank you so much for spending this time with us. Follow us on TikTok, @roamandconquer_, Instagram. And hope to see you on the road. Bye.

- Bye.

- Get out of here!