Handshake helped Jimmy Haslam sour on Teddy Bridgewater

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

A handshake apparently is worth more than $100,000.

Five years ago, the Browns plunked down six figures on an advanced report regarding quarterbacks in the draft. The report pointed to Teddy Bridgewater as the best option.

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But that didn’t matter to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, who wanted Johnny Manziel. And Haslam’s justification was from a decidedly low-tech piece of scouting.

“[T]he team had soured on Bridgewater after his interview dinner and workout with team brass,” Seth Wickersham of ESPN.com writes in a comprehensive look at years of dysfunction under Haslam’s watch in Cleveland. “[S]omething about Bridgewater’s handshake rubbed Haslam the wrong way, he told team executives.”

While a devastating knee injury on the brink of Bridgewater’s potential breakthrough season has kept him from reaching his potential, Bridgewater remains employed by an NFL team at a time when Manziel isn’t. And Bridgewater may finally get another chance to start for an NFL team in 2019.

As long as his handshake doesn’t betray him, apparently.

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