As Halloween approaches, students pull 'best prank' on teacher

On Oct. 27, a 19-year-old, Canadian TikToker by the name of Rashid shared a clip in which he, along with 10 others. attended a Zoom call with whom he identified as his professor. At the start of the TikTok, Rashid and his friends change their screen displays so that a “ball” moves across their windows. As the “professor” moves closer to his own monitor, a haunting image of a possessed woman suddenly appears. The professor then immediately falls off his chair, seemingly spooked by the prank. The clip has since gone viral, garnering nearly 7 million views and 11,000 comments. At least one fellow user called it the “best prank”. Other users couldn’t get enough of the “professor’s” reaction. “His soul left the meeting,” one person joked